Tears through laughter…Behind the scene of the Ukrainian drama theater

17 февраля

Tears through laughter…Behind the scene of the Ukrainian drama theater

17th Feb. /Donetsk/ Novorossia Today. In 3 months will be the 2nd anniversary of the day when Kiev authorities sparked civil war in Donbass. And they called it “ATO”. Meanwhile “mobilization waves” are and brothers kill brothers, children die and lives are destroyed, western-controlled puppets play very intricate game. The play of the Ukrainian drama theater was not left without attention, and Kiev authorities probably counted n this.

When the first shells exploded in Donbass on 26th May 2014, Rada started doing changes, Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced abut readiness to give up his power in July 2014, some times passed, he decided to stay, in regard to his words, he felt responsibility for current events. There were probably Ukrainians for that moment who believed in words of Yatsenyuk ‘Only Russia wins as consequence of the events in the Parliament’, however, everyone had to understand for 2 years whose theater is it, and what players want.

In November 2014 before the first hearing in the Verkhovna Rada, Yatsenyuk announced that he would give up power. He reported that Ukraine spent 19 billions of UAN for the army. ‘National Guradia was formed from the ground up. Hundred of new military units were bought’, he said. Final results of election were announced n 10th Nvember, party of Yatsenyuk was on the 2nd place and it got to the Parliament. To the anniversary of the “Maidan”, this time Porshenko stated that government is to be changed.

Country debt is growing that time, UAN is falling, prices are increasing, at first Donbass citizens were refused of social benefits, and in January 2015 Kiev authorities decided to save money on birthing mothers and oncology patients.

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Let’s return to yesterday session of the Verkhovna Rada, who watched at least a part of the speech of the radical party leader Oleg Lyashko that felt a viewer of prepared play. N one would deny that Lyashko said everything right about work f the Prime and General Prosecutor; however, he said nothing about his work.


Not only Lyashko follows work of his colleagues arrange polls in Facebook abut work of different governmental bodies. He did very reasonable that he asked people and knew how difficult is to live on 1200 UAN. The Prime looked indifferent; probably he guessed earlier how people exist on this money. It was not the end of the play, and “actors” did not start solving problems of people. Yatsenyuk was not left his power despite all named reasons. So, attention of viewers will be focused on regular play in the drama theater of Ukraine soon.

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Nataliya Sinyavskaya

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