Ukraine Junta Military Going AWOL, Low Morale And Discipline Now Hiring Nazi Gangs To Do The Fighting For The Poroshenko Regime ! (Military Report/Video Maj. Marochko)

10 января

Ukraine Junta Military Going AWOL, Low Morale And Discipline Now Hiring Nazi Gangs To Do The Fighting For The Poroshenko Regime ! (Military Report/Video Maj. Marochko)

(MILITARY SITUATION REPORT/VIDEO BY HIGH COMMAND LPR PEOPLE'S ARMY MAJ. MAROCHKO) Over the past day, the situation on the contact line has not changed significantly and remains under control.

The Nazi Ukrainian military, on the order of the terrorist and criminal, Gorbatyuk, two times violated the ceasefire, having shelled the LPR People’s Army positions in the area of the localities Kalinovka and Logvinovo with 82 and 120mm mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.


The criminal authorities of the Ukraine Junta continue to use the ceasefire to regroup and strengthen their positions on the contact line, as well as to carry out provocative bombardments. In particular, in the area of a fishery in the locality of Valuyskoye, the enemy has placed weapons of the 14th separate mechanized brigade of the Nazi Ukraine Units (AFU ) , prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, including two 122mm motorized artillery systems «Gvozdika» and one tank.

At the same time, against the background of low manning of the Nazi Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, the Ukrainian Junta command continues to seek the help of nationalist hardcore right wing Nazi gangs and makes every effort to discourage the military personnel serving in the «ATO» area from dismissing. Soldiers and officers of the Nazi Ukraine Units (AFU)  do not express a desire to renew the contracts for military service. Due to this fact, in the AFU units, there is noted a decline in the military discipline and sense of duty, with a simultaneous increase in the number of cases of AWOLs at the end of their contract.

In particular, the official statement of a representative of the «ATO» headquarters contains the information about three AFU soldiers who have not returned from their outing. We assume that they will soon join our ranks to fight the Ukrainian terrorism.

In addition, the Chief of the General Staff of Nazi Ukraine, V.Muzhenko, ordered the completion of the AFU staff officer positions by recruiting reserve officers who have received the higher education and a military rank but do not have the experience in military service. These measures confirm all the deplorable situation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine Junta.

In addition, the AFU command continues to violate the rights of the military. In particular, we have become aware of the two-month deliberate postponement of rotation activities planned in the AFU for February-March 2017.

The level of equipment of the AFU units with weapons and military equipment is defined as low. Up to 70% of the military equipment park is in poor condition, with a half of it, according to the annual report, not to be restored. A commission of the «ATO»  headquarters, headed by a deputy commander, is working on this fact. In particular, in the repair and restoration battalion of the 24th brigade of the AFU, stationed near the locality of Kamyshevakha, the commission found the facts of theft of petroleum products and illegal sales of repair kits and assemblies of motor vehicles.

This week, in the People’s Army, there are scheduled classes on special, tactical, intelligence and fire training, including practical shooting at the military training grounds. In addition, the People’s Army command pays special attention to the level of the personnel physical training, with all categories of the military passing control norms.

We invite all the media accredited by the People’s Army to cover lessons on combat training, as we are most open and ready to show what we have achieved in mastering the military prowess.

Once again I would like to say that LPR People's Army strictly observes the Minsk Agreements but, in the event of their failure by the Nazi Ukrainian side, is ready to act decisively.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Army, Major Andrey Marochko

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