Immoral “feats” by Kiev fighters in Donbass

15 августа

Immoral “feats” by Kiev fighters in Donbass

Assistant of the president of Ukraine Kasiyanov shared immoral “feats” by Kiev fighters in Donbass in social networks.

Misyay Krotov-Subdivision is retreating.  Car was struck. Moscals are following us at tail. Subdivision stopped passenger bus. The subdivision put down everyone. A driwer-owner of the bus was said, that he would take the bus in Dnepr. Driver boiled over, soon he was calmed. They sat and drove. They saved personnel military staff and armament. It is classified robbery with violence in peaceful times. Or should they have been subjected to shelling of Moscals?

Yuriy Kasiyanov-Here is another case. It was not enough. Went for vodka. Late dark evening. Essentially shop was closed. Stopped in close village on a way back.  Entered the first house. They were opened with a smile, however, they did not have vodka. But they liked the hostess. Woman screamed ‘My husband is volunteer!’ However, they raped her. …And it turned out that her husband was really a volunteer…

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Misyay Krotov- Once again. This society. Its reflection. There is a place for everything in the war. However, it is not a war, it is the ATO. The third year. What is doing UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) there? Who knows? As a sequence are problems. With a time all who take part in the ATO will be charged.


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