British Nationals Fighting In The Donbass Region, Some Have Been Arrested, Some Not, Depending What Side Your Fighting For ! (VIDEOS)

16 июля

British Nationals Fighting In The Donbass Region, Some Have Been Arrested, Some Not, Depending What Side Your Fighting For ! (VIDEOS)

(VIDEOS) British Nationals Fighting In The Donbass Region, Some Have Been Arrested, Some Not ! Ben Stimson Gets 5 Years For Holding A Gun But Never Seen Any Action, Yet, Chris Garret, A Member Of The Notorious Nazi Unit Azov Walks The Streets Of London And Is Now Back In Ukraine Killing Women And Children In Donbass ! ~ ZN

An Austrian man who fought for the Ukraine side in Donbass has been arrested in Poland, for war crimes committed in Donbass. However, a British man, Chris Garrett, has gone for more than 2 years unpunished, for offences just as bad. Here is a brief report, more to come soon. 

Name: Chris Garrett

AKA: Swampy

D.O.B: 1984

From: Isle of Man

Crime: Served with Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov battalion, responsible for mass war crimes in Donbass, from October 2014 to April 2015. Is now back serving for Ukraine in Donbass (see below).

Evidence:  His own testimony, in interview. ‘Chris Garrett, a 31-year-old British tree surgeon, knows what it’s like to shoot a man dead.’

Video of Garrett in Donbass: Mariupol after shelling, January 24th, 2015 –


Supporting video: My interview with Ben Stimson, British man arrested in the UK for serving with people’s militia in Donbass, despite never firing a shot in anger there

Background to Garrett: (from Newsweek, April 2015)

His dream since the age of 12, when he first joined the Army Cadet Force—a voluntary youth organization set up by the British army and Ministry of Defense—was to be a soldier. At 16, he left school and enrolled in Britain’s Army Foundation College, which trains 16- and 17-year-olds to become future soldiers. While at the college, he suffered a serious physical attack, details of which Garrett prefers not to discuss. The assault prompted him to cut short his service and return home. He never achieved his goal of becoming a soldier. On December 29, 2003, Garrett attempted to rob a gas station and was subsequently convicted and imprisoned for 19 months. His criminal record ruined his chances of joining the British army or from getting private security work. An injury that shattered his left heel ruled out the French Foreign Legion—the French army’s legendary force made up of foreign nationals.

In 2008, he made his way to the border of Thailand and Myanmar to join the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), a rebel group whose goal is to establish an autonomous state in Myanmar for the ethnic Karen people. Garrett bounced between his home on Britain’s Isle of Man and Myanmar. He assisted with training, rebuilding projects and land mine clearance, but fighting wasn’t an option. Then, in August 2014, a friend in Ukraine, whom he had met online, suggested that he join the battalions there. “When I realized everything in Ukraine had kicked off,” Garrett says, “I thought, I’m in the right mindset; I might as well go.” He didn’t expect to be involved in fighting, but Garrett did think he could help with removing munitions.’

Current location: Believed to be Donbass again, as per this photo posted on April 22nd, on his own Facebook account.

His contact details:

***************************************  MORE ON BEN STIMSON **********************************************************

 A British man who joined a pro-Russian Freedom Fighters in Ukraine has been jailed for terrorism offenses, in the first U.K. prosecution over the conflict.

A judge on Friday sentenced Benjamin Stimson to five years and four months in prison.

Stimson went to Ukraine in 2015, later posting a picture of himself with an assault rifle on Facebook.

He was arrested on his return and admitted assisting others in committing acts of terrorism.

Prosecution lawyer Barnaby Jamieson said Stimson admitted "serving as an armed militiaman in an irregular force opposing the Ukrainian army," although Judge David Stockdale said Stimson had not actually done any fighting.

Northwest England counterterrorism police chief Russ Jackson said he hoped the conviction "will send a message to all those who are even considering joining conflicts."

*********************************** SCUM NAZI CHRIS GARRETT PHOTO AT RUSSIAN EMBASSY ************************

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