How Chezh zealous for grants “build” intelligence network USAID in the LDPR

5 сентября

How Chezh zealous for grants “build” intelligence network USAID in the LDPR

How can such organization with a long spy activity and in favor of the USA work in the LDPR?

The American concept of "soft power" means, among other things, search of people in other countries who are ready to work for the promotion of US interests. Essentially, not free, but for a large reward.

Once upon a time it was called to work for peanuts, now traitors are working for grants denominated in green dollars (except Maidan suckersthat that are known to jump for the cookies).

Search corrupt "dissidents" are engaged in various funds to "promote democracy" such as "the USAid" and "the NED". They organize a number of seminars, workshops, lectures and other cultural programs, in which they separate appropriate working staff.

Moreover, they place grant applications where they announce tasks and amounts that they are willing to pay for these tasks. Thankfully to this, potential agents of influence find customers themselves.

Many of the "human rights" organizations have been already existing in the US for decades  thankfully for grants, and members who service American interests have made their main occupation in life (more than anything these drones, as a rule, do not know how).

It started long time ago

Organizations «People in Need» (PIN), or the "People in Need" established in 1992 by two Czech dissident are no exception.

While this story began even earlier, as Simon Panek and Jaromir Stetina (founders PIN) were active participants in the Czech "velvet revolution" in 1989.

It is possible to say that the person put his life in the service of the American interests.

In general, in 1989, "Czech activists of  the Euromaidan" won, and they had to live further, , they were not able to work - so they had to register grant organization "the PIN" in the April 16, 1992, in the Trade Court of Prague.

Legal address - Prague, st. Shafarikova D 63.

It is a legal entity with the status of "company providing general services."

The activities are listed: the organization of humanitarian aid in the Czech Republic and abroad, providing political support, educational activities, seminars, publishing, trade, advertising, real estate, hotel business, brokerage services, and others.

Russian trace

The organization «People in Need» also has a fairly long history in the Russian Federation.

They operated in Russia ever since the first Chechen war in humanitarian and human rights work in Chechnya and Ingushetia.

PIN returned back to the region in 2000after the Second Chechen War to restart its activity.

Activities of «People in Need» in Russia were suddenly banned in 2005. And it was banned with a loud scandal, which the Western "human rights defenders" and was unable to completely cover up.

PIN and Euromaidan

Trying to earn more from "cookies" from their employers of USAID, PIN leaders were active on Euromaidan in Kiev.

Particularly, they organized a so-called "Medical hundred" and also provided organizational and methodological support for the coup.

The PIN did not stopped working in Ukraine After the coup, they redirected its efforts to organize the activities of the so-called "volunteers", actively supporting the fighting in Donbass from the Kiev punitive groups.

In particular one of the PIN projects on support of the punitives became "Winter checkpoint", the task was to provide all necessities to punitives of UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) (which is a direct violation of all possible rules of human rights and charitable activities, as humanitarian organizations any support staff of military and paramilitary gangs directly prohibited ).

Structure PIN in Novorossia

The head of the office is a foreigner. Main specialist on security of PIN is in Slavyansk 9also foreigner). He arrives from time to time to the DPR and LPR.

  1. Office in Kiev, from 5 to 10 people. Head is always foreigner (now a woman, a French citizen). All other citizens of Ukraine.
  2. Office in Slavyansk. Very large, from 120 to 150 people

Basically, all the members of the Protestant sects, migrants from the DPR (it is obvious priority to employ exactly migrants and sectarians, the main purpose is to return them back to the DPR).


The head of the office is a foreigner. Main specialist on security of PIN is in Slavyansk 9also foreigner). He arrives from time to time to the DPR and LPR.

  1. There are from 50 to 70 people in Donetsk.

Citizen of Kirgizia Dina Urazbaeva ruled it, but since September 2015 Ekaterina Sviridenko started ruling it.

The second most important is the head of security - Vladislav Rozanov (from Donetsk, a resident of the Kalininskiy district). He repeatedly had special training in Slavyansk and in Kiev.

There 3 heads of the departments in Donetsk.

A) Department of food aid and hygiene (abbreviated FOOD, that is provision). It is ruled by Oleg Dzyadik. He works mainly with a group of volunteers bridge that is heard all the humanitarian aid. Assistance from PIN. This is the only sub-agent PIN, not including members of sects, which sometimes distribute aid (mostly carried about its homes as sectarian such sectarians).

B) Reconstruction department (SHELTER, that means accommodation). It is ruled by Nataliya Kozhohar (resident Khanzhonkovo). It is install cheap and low-quality plastic windows.

В) Water supply reconstruction (WATER,). It is headed by Ivan Ignatov (dweller of Donetsk).

Through this PIN department illegally imports a variety of equipment, including for the water supply, then it is partially transported to the LPR.

PIN also rents a large warehouse on the street. Bauman in Donetsk. It is ruled by Edouard Karpenko (Catherine Sviridenko trustee).

  1. Office in the LPR consists of about 10 people. Located in Stakhanov. Head of  the office regularly comes to Donetsk where talks behind closed doors with the leaders of Donetsk office and an expert on the PIN security.However, there is apparent Russophobic activity and support of Euromaidan and Kiev regime, they take advantage that Novorossia has not been a part of Russia yet, members of  «People in Need» started large activity in the territory of the LDPR.

The head office of Donetsk Sviridenko is actively cooperating with the DPR Deputy Minister of Foreign Affair Mnukhin and DPR deputy of the DPR Customs Eremin. Not free of charge.

Activities PIN in the territory of the DPR carried out with the permission of the Accreditation Commission.

After all of the above I just have a couple of questions:

  1. How can the organization with such a long and dirty history of Russophobian activities and espionage in favor of the United States (and SBU) manages to continue its activities in LDNR? How was it admitted issued accreditation (despite the fact that there is quite a lot and normally, in no way tainted charities ready to cooperate with Russian volunteers?
  2. Where is watching the defnce department of the DNR if they don't from site what can be seen even from Moscow?


Alexandr Rogers

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