3 reasons of the conflict growth in Donbass

26 мая

3 reasons of the conflict growth in Donbass

The head of the department of the News Service of the political department of the DPR Defence Ministry Vladislav Breege announced to the Ukraina.Ru that Ukrainian authorities are trying to provoke Donetsk to start attack and to leave Minsk process demonstratively.

I think it is obviously provocation to wreck Minsk agreements. New representative of the Contact Group from Ukraine Olga Ayvazovskaya announced yesterday that Law ‘On amnesty’ will be signed after elections that in regard to her opinion will take place when Kiev receives control over Russian-Ukrainian border. Now there are provocations with purpose to make us to carry out counterattack. And after this Kiev is able to state loudly that DPR and LPR broke up Minsk’, Breege pointed out.



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