‘United economic area will be between the DPR and LPR’, announced Zaharchenko

3 января

‘United economic area will be between the DPR and LPR’, announced Zaharchenko

The head of the DPR told to journalists about the process of nationalization of Ukrainian enterprises in the republic, and about the plans concerning establishment of the united economic space between the DPR and LPR.

Nationalization in the Donetsk People’s Republic
Enterprises that were state property of Ukraine have been already nationalized. The head of the DPR Zaharchenko announced this to the Donetsk news agency in the interview.

In regard to his words, ‘the DPR will be business partner in those cases when the state property of Ukraine was partial’. Zaharchenko pointed out also that the nationalization of private objects demands extreme cautious and attentive examination of each case.

According to the opinion of the head of the DPR, economy of the republic is to be in zone of hryvna. ‘I am adherent us to be in the zone of influence of hryvna’, expressed his point of view Zaharchenko.
However, due to his words, everything will depend on Kiev action the nearest time, and many questions are to be solved in time of negotiations in Minsk.

Nationalization in the LPR
The head of the LPR Igor Plotnitskiy announced in his turn on 30th September that the nationalization is to be held in the republic, and everything has to be owned by the people.
With this Plotnitskiy remarked that it is necessary to come down to the point very carefully, with understanding and follow the law.

United economic space
Alexandr Zaharchenko told that agreement concerning united economic area between the DPR and LPR can be worked out after the New Year.
In regard to his words, they will work out legislative acts concerning Friendship and Cooperation, and united economic space at the level of the People’s Councils of the DPR and LPR. Zaharchenko mentioned that the zone of free custom trade has been already carried out between the republics.

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