Russian, Japanese companies cooperating actively even amid sanctions

1 марта

Russian, Japanese companies cooperating actively even amid sanctions

Russian and Japanese businesses continue cooperating intensively even amid the sanctions that Japan introduced against Russia, the Vice President of the Association for Trade with Russia (ROTOBO), Hideichi Okada, told TASS on Tuesday on the sidelines of a business mission titled 'Dialogue in Commerce and Industries: Russia and Japan'.

"Since sanctions again Russia have been introduced and Japan is taking part in them, we're in evidence of a situation that's difficult for economic cooperation but the Russian and Japanese manufacturers complement one another and form partnerships, which neither side can do without," he said. "That's why cooperation continues even now, admit sanctions."
Progress of Russian-Japanese relations is also facilitated by collaboration at top state level, he said.

"Russian President [Vladimir] Putin and Japan's Prime Minister Sinzo Abe have established trustworthy relations that help promote cooperation between Russian and Japanese businesses," Okada said.

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Motoo Hayashi said in a welcoming address to participants in the business mission Russia and Japan had a potential for economic ties for the medium term and long term.

"I find development of Japanese-Russian economic ties possible in the medium term and long term as well," Motoo said. "In this sense, relations of partnership between Russian and Japanese companies."

The 'Dialogue in Commerce and Industries: Russia and Japan' business mission focuses on bilateral cooperation in various sectors of industry. The Russian delegation is led by Industry and Trade Minister Denist Manturov.

More than 150 Russian companies and over 130 Japanese companies have sent their representatives to attend the event.



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