Small girl Sasha is under the constant shelling of AFU

16 июля

Small girl Sasha is under the constant shelling of AFU

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Sasha is a resident of the front village Trudovskie in the west of Donetsk that has being shelled for the third year by Ukrainian hostile troops.

In the night from 13 to 14 July, their home was severely shelled again, she was so much afraid.

‘We were going to go to bed, our grandmother prepared everything, and I came to my bed, and suddenly was such a loud noise, however, we thought that windows at the kitchen flew away. WE understood that we were covered with glasses, it was everywhere’, Sasha said.

It is necessary to point out that the shell that you see at the photo is mortar shell of 120mm caliber.
Thank’s God no one was wounded.
Sasha has a small bother of 10 months, but he with their mother live on another street in the same village. They were although in danger, shells landed at first in their garden, then Sasha heard the landing.

Photos from Andrey Lysenko

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