The USA violates the 3rd protocol of the UNO convention on inhumane armament dated from 1980

25 сентября

The USA violates the 3rd protocol of the UNO convention on inhumane armament dated from 1980

‘Military units of the USA use a weapon with white phosphorus in struggle such as with ISIS, it was confirmed by photos and video on the site of Pentagon. However, it is not clear how this weapon is used’, The Washington Post writes.

Look at the comment of colonel of  the Air Force who took part in operation in Iraqi, John Dorrian.

‘You see shells of 155 mm caliber with white phosphorous at the foreground of the photo. They are used for creation of smokescreen, and marking. When American Forces use this armament, it is coordinated with laws of military conflicts and taking into account of civilians and civil objects’, he said.

At that Dorrian could not answer how often a weapon with white phosphorus is used against rebels.

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Having known the effectiveness and accuracy with which the USA uses its weapon, it is very doubtful that the statement of colonel Dorrian corresponds to the reality. There are a lot of examples of the use of such armament. Suddenly, 8 police officers perished in South of Afghanistan as a result of mistake bombardment from the American Air Forces.

Or from 2012…

18 civilians perished on the 6th June 2012 in the province Logar close to Kabul as a result of attack of American drones. Air strike was made at expected positions of rebels; however, missiles struck the building where wedding was held.

On the 8th June, the general, Commander John Allen apologized for the mistake made by the coalition.

The best characteristic of the position of the West was given by Sergey Lavrov at the General Assembly of UNO:

´It is century simply indecent to teach everyone in the "educated the XXI", leaving the right and for the doping, and unilateral adventure in circumvention of the UN and on the geopolitical experiments cost millions of human lives´.

George Morozov, Editor in Chief of Novorossia Today

Translated by Nataliya Sinyavskaya

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