Yats Grilled On BBC Talk Show 'HARDTALK' , Former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk Embarrassed On National TV (VIDEO)

7 марта

Yats Grilled On BBC Talk Show 'HARDTALK' , Former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk Embarrassed On National TV (VIDEO)

Former Prime Minister Of The Ukraine Junta Yatsenyuk Ridiculed By BBC


Vladimir Kornilov, a well-known historian and journalist, commented on the release of the HardTalk program on the BBC channel, in which participated the ex-prime minister of the Ukraine Junta , Arseny Yatsenyuk. 

Yatsenyuk had the imprudence to appear in the program of HardTalk on the BBC. The journalist Stephen Sakur literally crucified him there. By the end of the show, Arseny was so flushed and nervous that it was scary to look at him.

Sakur asked Yatsenyuk about his financial condition. Arseny estimated it as somewhere a million dollars (isn’t it funny?) and explained, ‘Well, do not forget, I was a banker and worked in the private sector for 10 years.

In fact, he worked as a banker in the Aval bank as much as 10 months of 1998 as a consultant, and I doubt that the salaries of ordinary employees of the Aval bank then allowed them to earn millions. And That’s it, actually, after that he became a young official.

Did he, perhaps, count as a banker experience the Maidan period of 2004, when he worked as the acting head of the National Bank? That is, did he consider this period a «private business» which could have brought him such profit?

Sakur broke in on Arseny when the latter started talking about the unprecedented reforms that he had realized as the Prime Minister. The host reminded him that his government's rating at the time of his resignation was 2%. To which Yatsenyuk only mumbled, ‘An information campaign was conducted against my government’.

But the funniest thing was when they talked about Russia, the Crimea, and Donbass. Yatsenyuk said pompously, ‘I do not care about Putin's opinion’. The host openly laughed as if saying, ‘You may not care about Putin's opinion, but he is the only person who has a clear strategy’.

And he asked the former Prime Minister into his face whether Arseny was ready to look into the eyes of Ukrainian mothers whose children were and are dying in the war in Donbass. Arseny never answered this question, saying only that they are ‘heroes’ and that he will fight (‘to the last soldier’ as I understood it).


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