Operative data on current situation in the DPR

6 февраля

Operative data on current situation in the DPR


The situation if the Donetsk People’s Republic is still worsening.

Yesterday, February 5, 13.35 Ukrainian side violated the ceasefire regime and committed the crime against humanity having opened sniper shelling at militrarymen of the DPR close to the Donetsk Filtration Station. Restoration work was immediately stopped. As a result of the sniper fire, one DPR soldier was killed. This cases shows the real truth about Ukrainian authorities, restoration brigades were evacuated.

Criminal forces of Ukraine used heavy artillery at populated districts of Donetsk. They launched more than 50 shells at the city having used forbidden by the Minsk armament, however, we fulfilled total ceasefire.

There is no reason to believe in Ukrainian authorities, words from Kiev are lying and nothing more.

When Poroshenko talked to Trump, Ukraine probably will stop getting financial and military aid for “antiterrorist operation” in Donbass.

In connection with this, Ukrainian president fell into deep depression and he is ready the  most stupid things-to unleash full-scale bloody war in the East of Europe to any direction.

Military-politic commandment of Ukraine refused to fulfill the Minsk solution on withdrawal of heavy armament from the touch line, and they start reinforcing troops. Our Intelligence confirmed this.

We talk to Ukrainian militarymen, probably you will be in a hour-X soon, stop listening to your commanders! We will defeat fascists together!

Crimes against humanity committed by Ukraine







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