“Russian aggression” is a flotation ring for Kiev

14 марта

“Russian aggression” is a flotation ring for Kiev

Today, 2nd March 2016 head f the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Pavel Klimkin stated that 9000 people died as a result of Russian aggression more than 20 000 got wounded. Curiously enough, Kiev authorities keep a wary eye on losses among civilians in Donbass, however that are decreased. These are the latest official data of the UN that were provided in December 2015 by April 2015.

‘Russian aggression led to 9000 casualties, and more than 20 000 were wounded, and 2 million migrated’, Klimkin stated.

It is very comfortable to hang on Russia deaths of civilians against whom Ukrainian authorities wage war , and it was pointed out that 2 million people migrated, however, it was not explained where exactly people moved. Of course, it would sound at least strange if it would have been said that Donbass people find rescue in the territory of “aggressor” Russia.

According to the latest estimation, 1 million 103 thousand citizens of Ukraine were accepted by Federal Migration Service of Russian Federation in 2015, RIA Novosti reports.

Altogether, there are 1 million 103 thousand Ukrainian citizens only from region of south-east, and altogether from Ukraine are 2,5 million.

Pay attention that refugees not only from south-east are living now in the territory of RF, however, people from other Ukrainian regions escaped from “great life” of mobilization who did not want paying service to “Edyna Ukraina”. The first wave of forced migration was in summer 2014, and the second was in winter 2015.


It is necessary to point out that Ukrainian mass media resources announced approximately the same number of refugees to Ukraine, nevertheless, it was not confirmed by any service.

We all remember perfectly that Ukraine promised to accept citizens of eastern region, how it considers of “united Ukraine’, to protect them and to do everything to make people feel not discriminated. Anyone denies that there was a small percent of population that looked for aid in the territory of Ukraine; however, they faced such difficulties that were not promised by Kiev.

Probably, in order not to prejudice rights citizens of Donbass were deprived of vote right.


Paradox, Ukraine provided “right” for refugees to run for mayor f the city, however, they were not provided right to vote. Nevertheless, it is not the worst thing; refugees who tried to escape from war in Kiev can be on the street. 265 people from Donbass have been already living in ne of the hotels of Kiev for 1.5 year, owner of the building stopped paying bills for housing services.

The debt has been already reached 2.5 million UAN. Company Gelios that is the owner of the resort house demands this sum from Donbass refugees. People have been already living 6 months without water and gas, sometimes there is n light. Their houses were destroyed as a result of shelling. And they are trying to keep their places in the hotel. They are ready t pay bills, however, in accordance with other tariffs as private persons, but not legal bodies.


Kiev authorities manipulated by America insists persistently that Russia is “aggressor”, without turning attention to suffering of Donbass people, problems faced by refugees in Ukraine, how Russia express “aggression” in Donbass in reality and what local population think about this.

In fact, simply every citizen of Donbass says that Russia helps with products, cloths, literature, grains, building materials. The only way is to wait when America stops helping to Ukraine, and absurd statements of Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko and Klimkin will lose any meaning.



Nataliya Sinyavskaya

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